Overheard in Queens

Woman 1 to woman 2 heading to the park:

You’re going to laugh at me, but I actually brought my manicure kit…

-overheard at Broadway station


Nightmare treadmill

An inescapable treadmill of negative situations that continually unspool until waking up. Triggered by – brain too warm while sleeping? Combo with alcohol?


Life is a risk. Push your boundaries. Act outside of your comfort zone. Break out of your routines. Enjoy novelty. Embrace the unknown.


As I write this in New Year’s Eve in Cambodia, I’ve gotta say that 2014 was a great year. First and foremost I became an uncle and our family ushered in the first member of the next generation. Secondly I entered graduate school, making a whole new set of friends and learning entirely new subjects in the process. 2015 is looking highly promising based on current indications.