The thing about getting older

You realize how little you knew when you were younger, but it’s now too late to be able to apply your current knowledge to its fullest extent. And this cycle keeps on going the older you get, with no end until the end.

The shame

NYU inferiority complex regarding Columbia rears its head again! This time from a professor who actually graduated from Columbia herself! Amazing.


As I write this in New Year’s Eve in Cambodia, I’ve gotta say that 2014 was a great year. First and foremost I became an uncle and our family ushered in the first member of the next generation. Secondly I entered graduate school, making a whole new set of friends and learning entirely new subjects in the process. 2015 is looking highly promising based on current indications.

Should not be named

I find the NYU inferiority complex regarding Columbia pretty funny. It’s never referred to directly, instead as “that place uptown”. Just like Lord Voldemort! NYU, take some pride and call it what it is. Samsung does something similar in relation to Apple and it’s not a strong move against a competitor.