The greatest love

I decided long ago
Never to walk in anyone’s shadow
If I fail
If I succeed
At least I’ll live as I believe

No matter what they take from me
They can’t take away my dignity

Because the greatest love of all
Is happening to me
Learning to love yourself
Is the greatest love of all

Sheer brilliance

Just had the most amazing movie idea dream while in a semi awake state in bed. Wanted to jump out of bed and write everything down but subconsciously knew that as soon as I woke up everything would start evaporating into thin air. And so it has passed. I remember bits and pieces like the names of characters, who would play what part, and how certain scenes would play out. But now that I’m fully awake I’ve forgotten most of it and what I remember doesn’t seem so brilliant anymore. Still an amazing sense of pure creativity and inspiration that I haven’t felt perhaps ever.

NBA power rankings

Contemplated this while shooting hoops this morning. If you could pick one player for the 2014-2015 NBA season including playoffs, who would you take? My personal ranking:

1. Lebron
2. Durant
3. Paul
4. Love
5. Marc Gasol

6. Westbrook
7. Melo
8. Davis
9. Noah
10. Dirk

11. Leonard
12. Griffin
13. Curry
14. Harden
15. Howard

16. Lillard
17. George
18. Kyrie
19. Aldridge
20. Wall

Notable absences: Parker, Ibaka, Lowry, Rondo, Dragic, Cousins, Bosh, Horford

– Positions: 5 SF, 6 PG, 5 PF, 3 C, 1 SG
– definite bias for offense over defense. 2 way over 1 dimensional unless that dimension is spectacular
– not a single Spur in the top 20 which shows how good a team they are
– Melo and Dirk could drop depending on how much the younger guys improve
– George probably should be higher but offensive limitations dropped him

The problem with eating healthy

I have been reading a lot of food literature lately, and my main takeaway has been that carbs are not good for you. This has been personally challenging as many of the foods I enjoy are loaded with carbs, namely rice, noodles, breakfast cereal, sandwiches with bread, and potato chips. If I cut those out I cut out many of the food options for all meals. Another issue with trying to stick to fatty red meat or fish: I cook it, the food lasts me a few meals max before I need to resupply with something else. One of the huge benefits of carb laden food is that it keeps over the course of time, like bags of rice or boxes of cereal. Minimizing carbs is clearly in my best long term interests but it is incredibly difficult to cut down on them.