Blue CGL speech

Hi Blue Core Group! I haven’t had the pleasure of speaking one-on-one with everyone here yet. But based on those I’ve met so far, we have a group of incredibly bright, talented, and motivated individuals. Although we come from a diverse set of backgrounds, we all share the ambition and drive to go through business school while working full-time in order to get to the next stage of our professional development. I think it would be an amazing honor to represent you as a Core Group Leader.

I have some personal experience leading organizations. I am currently a chair of the Columbia University Club’s Young Alumni Committee which is responsible for acquisition and retention of the young alumni population. I know what it’s like to be the voice for a diverse mix of individuals, representing their interests to a wider community. This involves planning and running events, regular meetings and communication to get the pulse of our members, and acting as an intermediary between them and other stakeholders including board members and general administration. I’ve done similar work having been elected as President of my previous company’s Toastmasters group and founded a completely new Toastmasters club with over 30 members at my current company. If elected, I’ll use this experience for your benefit, to make sure that your needs are being met as a member of the Langone program. One of my personal passions is building deeper and stronger communities through shared interests. As we embark on our academic journey together, I hope to be able to do the same for you here!

Speech 10: Inspiration

It started with the picture.

A picture says a thousand words, as the saying goes, but the first time I saw it it was like trying to read those words in the form of Egyptian hieroglyphs. It was a grainy rounded white shape on a black background and I didn’t know what it meant. My sister had sent the picture in a text message to me along with her husband’s brother and sister. I tapped on the image and flipped my phone into portrait mode to make it fill up the screen. Gradually it dawned on me that the image resembled an X-ray. I noticed my sister’s name in tiny white letters in the corner. I continued to stare at the picture for a few moments in shock and disbelief before it hit me. This was a sonogram and a new member of my family was coming into this world.

As time passed more details came to light, when we were to expect it and its gender. The normal cycles of life went on but we also knew that something was different. And then the day after the new year 2014, in the heart of winter in the middle of frigid hellscape called the polar vortex, he came into this world and our lives, our relationships to each other and to everything else would never be the same again.

My nephew Oliver has been a constant source of delight to my extended family, friends, and everyone with whom he has come into contact. Literally every single day is a learning experience for him. But even with his short tenure of life, I believe that he has a number of lessons that we can all take away for our own benefit.

1. Look at the world with a fresh pair of eyes

One of my most memorable experiences with Oliver to date was spent on a sunny afternoon with him in Central Park’s Sheep Meadow.

2. Anything worth doing is worth doing well

3. Being cute is helpful for getting people to do things you want, but sometimes you have to make it explicit

4. Treat the people who you care about with unconditional love

5. Life is short, times passes quickly, so treasure all the moments in between

This device

I sometimes feel like I rely on it way too much in the functioning of daily life. Whip it out frequently as a crutch to look and act busy. It’s so easy not to be bored or unoccupied anymore, but is that a good thing or have we permanently lost the ability to experience moments of introspection?


Stupidity: filling a bag of rice, having the bag being filled tip over because it is top heavy and spill rice grains all over the kitchen floor

Extra stupidity: picking up the grains by hand with the thought to somehow clean and preserve them for future use

Frustration: vacuuming the rice grains off the floor with the realization that this is the ultimate waste of time. Even leisure time has a purpose, this is simply making amends for utter rank stupidity. This is the sort of thing for which one could shed tears of frustration